About Us

About us

Triophore Technologies is a versatile multi-technology company offering solutions in the fields of neuro-induced smart prosthesis, ML, Blockchain, firmware, embedded systems Data-tracking and big data and cloud apps. Our aim is to bring in integrated high end technology to bring in the new digital renaissance and have a dedicated R&D backed by our parent, National Institute of Technology Calicut. We are built on the strength of our workers filled with passion to deliver the best in the world.

Full service — No compromise.

MISSION:Our Mission is the advancement of humanity, by providing solutions that will aid in the betterment of our world, the world we live in and interact with. We hope to improve the human conditions, preserving the beauty of nature by promoting safe, clean energy sources and advancements are core to our existence. Our mission is to provide technologically advanced products and services in a simple packaging to common people and there by raising their standard of living. We hope to bring in and lead an Innovating in the field of Energy, Communication, Healthcare, Automation.

VISION:To bring about the New Digital Renaissance in India.

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