We can not give a fixed rate for developing a Software. The pricing depends on various factors like the scope of work, the time required for development and technological issues. Please note that every project is different, especially when you had a unique idea. We will always help you to get the best quality product within your budget.
Delivering the product with the highest standard is our priority. To ensure this our Development team and Quality Assurance team work together during the different phases of Software development. The QA team does product testing, once developed. However, the development team also maintains, measures, and constantly improves the software quality during the build. However, while we maintain software quality across every stage of development, we may test them at different points in the development, based on the development methodology used. We use three methodologies when developing software applications – Waterfall Agile and DevOps. Since the two methodologies deliver the product in different ways, they are tested differently as well.
We will only sign an NDA if: 1. It is mutual or bilateral 2. We understand the requirements of the project and believe that the project and client are a good fit for Triophore 3.We are not violating any other agreements that we have as a company
We want our clients to get the best experience with our product/service. We provide AMC for all of our clients once the product is delivered. The nature of AMC depends upon the kind product/service you are using.
Yes, you can go with it. We believe that for the successful completion of the project, this kind of change plays a role, but big changes after kick-off might affect the budget or schedule
Delivering the best to our client is our top priority, for that your feedback is incredibly important throughout the project development. You should always provide feedback, even early-on when the features are still rough. Your feedback will offer us context about what’s important to you and your business. This helps us prioritize and stay tied to your needs.
Yes. We will commit to a project only after evaluating the exact requirements.

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