Blockchain Development

Blockchain development Details

Why use Blockchain

Blockchain is a tamper-proof technology, that is revolutionizing the world in the areas of data security, traceability, and open standard of trust and verification.

Key features of Blockchain
Distributed in nature
Data stored in a blockchain is distributed by nature. Every blockchain network is made up of peers.
Blockchain is append-only by design, data cannot be deleted and thus always make sure that it’s not changed.
Fault tolerance
Blockchain network is designed in such a way that, in event of a peer failure in a network, the entire network operations are not affected.
All changes in the data are recorded and maintained as a log so that changes can be tracked on demand.
Our services

Asset Modeling

Modeling and creating assets that can be transacted through blockchain

Network Design

Design and develop large scale distributed blockchain network.

Peer Management

Automated Peer management software development.

Chaincode Development

Develop smart contracts aka Chaincode based on your bussiness logic.

REST Client Development

Develop REST client application to interact with blockchain network.

Deployment and maintanance

Deploy large scale blockchain network with ease.

Use cases
  • ERP
  • Supply chain management
  • Finance and trading

Frameworks we use

Hyperledger Fabric
Hyperledger Sawtooth

Our blockchain service in action

Blockchain gateway
Blockchain API Gateway

Blockchain API Gateway:We provide easy and manageable REST APIs for all thrid part applications so that, they can use powers of blockchain without the hassle of setting up one by yourself.

Blockchain expolorer
Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer:We also integrated Hyperledger Blockchain explorer so the network can be monitored, and all transactions can be viewed.