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IoT ( internet of things) is the new age data acquisition technology. We at Triophore know the challenges and hurdles that most of them face these days. Our Hardware and Software Ecosystem enables Single solution for all your data acquisition, analysis, alerting visualization and storage needs. The below services are provided by us.

Real-time analytics

Gather huge amount of data and get insight into the gathered data.

Commodity sensors

Integrate commodity sensors with various environments.

IoT Embedded hardware

Design and develop custom hardware suited for every need be it commercial or industrial.

Wireless sensor networks

Creating wireless mesh networks that can seamlessly integrate multiple sensors and acting as a secure gateway.

Control systems

Custom hardware-software based control systems.


Developing custom automation technologies.

Our blockchain service in action

Blockchain gateway
Blockchain API Gateway

Blockchain API Gateway:We provide easy and manageable REST APIs for all thrid part applications so that, they can use powers of blockchain without the hassle of setting up one by yourself.