Getting started with deno

Deno is secure typescript run time written in rust, is similar to Nodejs but Deno can run typescript code natively by compiling it down to javascript.

Let's install the Deno runtime


For windows users, you can use choco (a package manager for windows )
you can download choco from here
If any error occurs please retry with admin privileges.
You will get the result as provided below.
after installing the following result is obtained.

For Linux and Mac

use the following command in terminal
curl -fsSL | sh

Getting our hands dirty

If you have previous experience in Nodejs, you might be surprised to know that Deno can download and run any remote script.
this is the reason why Deno is secure by default and we have explicitly provide permission like file, network operations.

Lets run a remote script

In the terminal or CMD run
deno run
which results in the following.
If you go to the above-mentioned URL you can also see the typescript code.
There are many third-party libraries for Deno just like npm, you check those from here

This is just a primer, to get to know about Deno, and it's working in a nut shell.
More to Come in future