Triophore Methodology

Our development methodology in a nutshell, so as to provide an insight into our strategy and tactics.


Use the latest development techniques in DevOps for easy and fast delivery of products and services.

Cost Estimation

We provide detailed and precise cost estimation, based on requirements thus eliminating overhead and hidden costs.

Tech-stack identification

Given every scenario or requirements, we can provide the most suitable technology stacks, based on our years of experience in using and developing software stacks.


One of the most overlooked operations while developing software is its scalability. Triophore keeps this in mind while developing a software always makes software modular for easy scalability.


Along with developing, we provide flexible maintenance of different software/ hardware-based products or services.


The tenancy is the usability of an application, intended to serve a single client or multiple clients. We develop both single-tenant and multi-tenant applications.