Hardware design and development. services.

Offering a complete array of hardware engineering design services, product design, and development.


Schematic Design

Schematic design is the first and foremost step, involving the development of schematic design based on requirements of hardware specification.


Hierarchical schematic design

Schematic design services will of hierarchical in nature for easy debugging.

Custom library design

Custom library development following IPC standards.

BOM migration

Generating BOM is quite straightforward, but integrating with the ERP system is quite difficult, here we can provide migration services.

PCB Design

PCB development and design services, including multi layer, ERC services with focus on strong signal integrity.

Multilayer PCB Design

Multi-layer PCB Design services with layer support up to 8

M-CAD integration

M-CAD integration and testing services to assist enclosure design and to manage constraints.

ERC service

ERC service includes rule creation and maintenance of electric standards right from the components level.

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